After Reading That Day at Hiroshima

Topics: Nuclear weapon, World War II, War Pages: 1 (303 words) Published: November 8, 2008
After reading the article That Day At Hiroshima, I can hardly image that just in one second, everything turned into black. Thousands of people died and thousands of people had to suffer in the rest of their lives. That picture is too cruel to thinking about. Since that thing really happened, we have to learn a lesson from it and not to let that tragedy happen again. First, we should against the nuke. Because it can bring a complete damage to a place as well as our humanbeings. We can see from Hiroshima, no one survived from the disaster. Even though some citizens didn’t die directly, they have to spend a long time to rehabilitate their inner hurt. The bad news is that more and more countries want to own the nuke. North Korea and Iran began to use nucleus in recent years. And that is reaily dangerous to the whole world because if the terrorists get the nuclear bomb, that would be the end of our world. Second, we should against wars. Wars can only bring us disasters. When we are in wars, all we consider is how to win. We use ferocious ways to defeat the other side. And the common people will be hurt during the war. In hiroshima, the common people have nothing to do with the war, but when the bomb came, they were burned, their house collapse, their family members died, and only left them miserable memories. On the contrary, if we have a peaceful world without nuclear bombs and wars, we can have a beautiful world with flowers and weeds spreading everywhere under the blue sky; we may have children running around and playing games happily; and we may have the old lying in the cane chairs enjoying the warming sunshine in the yard.
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