Afro-American History

Topics: Barack Obama, African American, United States Pages: 2 (684 words) Published: March 10, 2013
  How has America used the issues of “race” or “skin color” to define its character? How do we classify a group called “Afro- Americans”? Who and what are they and how did they emerge on the American scene? Why is the issue of “skin color” important in America? Are there implications or consequences of America turning into a “color blind” society? What difference would it make?   To assess the way America uses skin color to define its character is too vast of a question. In order to make a serious assessment one who have to put together a myriad of focuses groups and make a solemn attempt with multiple cultures.  It varies by demographic and certainly geographic regions play a very important role within these various demographics.  Each region in essence has its own history and cultural norms. It would not be fair to broadly and without certainty to speak on behalf of these people.   I believe very strongly that this nation is a still very racist as a whole. For example our current President and Chief President Barack Obama has been spoken of on numerous occasion without being referred to as President. This is a form of subliminal racism for sure. When in this nation history have you ever heard a President not referred to as President? Afro- Americans are now accepted in society thanks to the great works of such people as Toussaint Louverture, Marcus Garvey, and Dr. Martin Luther King. However, most white Americans still believe them to be an inferior undereducated people. I believe Afro-Americans must prove they are not undereducated, ignorant people to Caucasians before they are not seen a so called typical “black person”. See most people in this country who are not of Latino or an ethnic  background would assume immediately that Afro- Americans are inferior people, hip-hoppers, drugs addicts & dealers, felons, uneducated, and just plain ignorant.      Afro- Americans are direct descendents of  West African countries such as, Senegal, Benin, Togo, Nigeria,...
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