African vs. European Colonial Experiences

Topics: Africa, Colonialism, African people Pages: 3 (821 words) Published: October 2, 2005
During the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries Africans and Europeans experienced colonial rule similarly in many social ways, while they had very different experiences of it both economically and politically. While the Africans were more numerous in Africa, their power was much meeker than that of the Europeans. Because of the power difference, the Europeans were successfully able to go in and colonize a large portion of the African land for their own good. This caused huge changes in occur in this area of the world as a result of colonial rule.

During the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries the African and European experience of colonial rule was similar in many social aspects. Both Europeans and Africans experienced a intense bond to their own race during colonial rule. Europeans opinions are expressed by Ellen Joyce saying, "The possibility of the settler marrying his own countrywomen is one of imperial as well as family importance." (Doc. 3) In a very similar manner a congolese refugee was quotes stating, "we begged the white men to leave us alone..."(doc. 7). In both excerpts the person expresses a desire and attraction to their own kind. This social attribute resulted in increased segregation throughout colonial rule. Another similarity between African and European experience of colonial rule is the fact that they were taken out and away from their normal life's and lifestyle's. The European people experiences being "alone, among thousands of unknown, unpredictable people, dazed by unaccustomed sights and sounds, bemused by strange ways of life and thought,"(doc. 4). While African natives experienced terrors such as being beat with the iron sticks from their European and compelled to march away from their homes to new camps (doc. 9). This shows that while they underwent different changes, both societies were transformed by the presence of the other, creating hostility and unease within society.

Economically, the experience of...
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