African Studies

Topics: Southern United States, African American, Black people Pages: 3 (742 words) Published: June 24, 2013
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Two paragraphs: What, Where, Why, When and Historical Significance

The Daniel Moynihan Report and response to the report
What: The negro Family: The case for National Action
Focused on the deep roots of black poverty in America and concluded controversially that the relative absence of nuclear families (those having both a father and mother present) would greatly hinder further progress toward economic and political equality. WHY: The report argued that the rise in single-mother families was not due to lack of jobs but rather to a destructive vein in ghetto culture that could e traced back to slavery and Jim Crow discrimination. -The Moynihan Report argued that the black family, “battered and harassed by discrimination” is the fundamental source of the weakness of he Negro community

When: 1965 Moynihan report
The report was view as . it’s affecting out the black homes. Moynihan working for the
--Big problem in black family because the men were not present and until something is changed in the black family --REACTION: 70 % of children are born in single parent home. His data was correct but he did not talk to the right people about the issues he enough – the report was process with arrogance leaving a bad taste in many peoples mouths, which undermine the validity of the report. Misleading.

Physical expansion of the Black Belt in Chicago / Creation of a Chicago community / Economic Self- Sufficiency

What: Fugitive slaves and freedmen established the city’s first black community in the 1840s. the great Migrations from 1910 to 1960 brought hundreds of thousands of blacks from the South to Chicago, where they became an urban population.

Where: South Side of Chicago
Why: blacks created churches, community organizations, important businesses, and great music and literature. African Americans of all classes built community on the South Side of Chicago for decades before the Civil Rights Movement. Their goal was to...
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