African Ecosystem

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African Ecosystem

African Ecosystem
The individual organism being a lion on the African wilderness is an endanger species that struggles in life to feed it self, and its pack members. In Africa there are animals that need to eat other animals to survive, and the lion is on the top chain. The producers of these ecosystems are plant that animals consume to survive in the harsh environment that Africa percents to this animals. The consumers are those animals that eat plants and animals to survive. The decomposers are the organisms that eat the remains of dead animals.

The lion is a carnivore that requires a large amount of meat to survive in the African wilderness. The lion hunts in packs to increase the chances of a successful hunt. These packs of lions will hunt, and control the population of dear, zebras and other animals (Wild Life Fact-Files January 1997). The female lions are the one that will hunt, and the male is the one that will protect the pack from other lions. This pack of lions is a population that lives together, and hunt together to feed them selves. The community of lions, zebras and dear live all together in Africa trying to survive in this harsh environment. The ecosystem of the African wilderness is composed of the lions, zebras, and dear that live in the same environment trying to stay alive fighting for water in the many droughts that happen often in Africa. The landscape that covers Africa is rich in wild life that includes different ecosystems of different species from monkeys to lions, cheats, and leopards are some organisms in this landscape. The biosphere is an earth where all living organisms, and its environment of all different organisms.

The female lion feeds on the zebras that feed on the grass that grows on the fields of Africa. The grass gets its energy from the sun that helps it grow and spread it seeds for new generations of grass. The grass gets nutrient from the ground was the animals die, and decompose with the...
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