African Burial Ground

Topics: White American, African American, Racism Pages: 2 (539 words) Published: November 19, 2014
Amanda Esenwein
Intro to Archaeology
Dr. Delvaux
African Burial Ground
Review & Analysis:
After reading the articles it seems that many, in my opinion, value this Historic site I feel that it could not be more perfectly handled then the way it was. I primarily focused my thoughts on how the community was brought into the research project and how the researchers themselves handled everything with such dignity. I feel that by allowing everyone to have his or her input the project itself had such meaning to our history. I am glad that the plot of land was dedicated at the very end and became a National Historic Landmark.

I enjoyed the history that became of this; all the articles gave such great insight into the history of slavery in the colonies. I think that once the public was notified and the concerns were addressed this site was something that everyone could learn from. The article, “Bioarchaeology of the African Burial Ground” by Michael Blakey was interesting. I believe this particular article addressed the problems faced by the researchers from the African-American “descendant community” and their concern about whether or not research should be done, and the problem raised with false historic representations of African presence in the history of colonial New York. By allowing the public and descendants to become part of the project, it just showed how smoothly things could operate when handled with dignity.

I have a difference of opinion with the article “Why Are So Few African-Americans Doing African-American Archaeology?” by Theresa A. Singleton. I feel the question she is asking is racist. I do not think it matters to any individual, me included, that certain races should be held at higher perspectives because it is part of their ethnicity that is being studied. She spoke about the development of “African-American archaeology that is informed by African-American perspectives.” In addition, continues to name ways in which it should be...
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