African Americans' Campaign for Civil Rights, 1945 to 1964

Topics: President of the United States, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Korean War Pages: 2 (532 words) Published: January 23, 2014
The period 1945 to 1964 was where African Americans campaigned for their civil rights, and they aimed to improve the lives of black people, to some extent the federal government was involved in the improvement of the stays of black people including the presidents, the congress, the supreme courts and the FBI. However it was not the federal government alone who improved the status of black people because civil right campaigns such as the NAACP. Harry S Truman was the first american president after Abraham Lincoln to get direct attention to the civil rights movement despite his early racist life he began sympathy towards blacks displaying that de Julio change was possible. One of Truman's notable actions within the improvement of black people's lives was the To Secure These Rights report. It underlined the inequalities in American society, such as lynching, police brutality, voting obstacles for blacks, discrimination in the workplace, and desegregated facilities in healthcare and education. This showed how Truman was strong and wanted to change the status of black people as the report highlighted how these inequalities in american society could be changed. Following this Truman signed executive orders 9980 in 1948 which outlawed racial discrimination in the civil service. Truman was excellent at bringing de facto change as executive orders were being passed but laws were ignored and he made very little impact of de juilo change. Truman also signed the Exucutive Order 9981 which stated to desegregate the armed forces but not take affect until after the Korean war in 1951. However Truman did appoint Ralph Bunche as the Ambassador to the United Nations, which did bring slight de juilo change in America as Truman showed that it was possible to blacks to get higher positions in society . Truman did to support this was the FEPC which in whole aimed to end discrimination in employment and this strengthened the chance that black people had in improving their lives....
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