African Americans and Racial Diversity

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African Americans and Racial Equality
Hope Calkins
July 7, 2013
Jody Carter


There are many organizations that advocate equality for African Americans in the United States. Many organizations will promote the African American race and show what concerns are being felt by their race. Those that advocate for their race give a description of how they fall in history, what discrimination they endured and what prejudice they still have to deal with. These groups and organizations promote the idea to bring discrimination to a stop in their cultures around the world.

African Americans and Racial Equality

African Americans have made their way to freedom, but have been left with a heavy burden of their ancestor’s slavery. Would they ever be seen as anything but slaves brought unwilling from Africa to the United States to be enslaved and be servants to the White Man? Those questions can be answered by looking at the history of African Americans and how they have become great leaders in this country.

Rosa Parks may have not been the first Black woman to give up her seat on the bus, but she stared a chain of events that would eventually bring segregation to an end. That day in 1955, Rosa Parks paved the way for people like Barak Obama to become the first African American President the United States has ever had. Before that time, African Americans had endured slavery, segregation, discrimination, and prejudice because of the color of their skin. Many African American men fought for our country in the civil war so they could be granted freedom after they served. Butler (2013) stated, “the Fourteenth Amendment was added to the Constitution revoking that fateful decision and ensuring citizenship, with all its rights and responsibilities, to everyone born in the United States regardless of race.” (para. 1).

There have been several political, social, and cultural issues and concerns throughout American history. Some political issues African...
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