African Americans

Topics: Southern United States, African American, Black people Pages: 2 (859 words) Published: January 17, 2015
African American’s had a second class status in 1865, therefore their life was hard. By the nineteenth century slavery had been abolished throughout America’s Northern states, however it continued across the South. Between 1890 and 1910, the southern states government introduced the ‘Jim Crow’ laws, which allowed legal segregation. This created separate facilities for blacks and whites, these included education, healthcare, transport and public facilities such as; toilets, bus stations and drinking fountains. Jim Crow laws did not help improve the life of African Americans due to the segregating population; blacks did not have equal rights and opportunities the same as white people. The Jim Crow laws were challenged by Plessy vs Ferguson in 1896, as they believed it was a violation of the American Constitution and were therefore illegal laws. This case was not successful, as it changed nothing between black and white American citizens. A major turning point for African American’s was the Second World War. Although segregation continued during the war, for example, black soldiers had different canteens and were transported to the battlefield in different vehicles, and many were employed as cooks and cleaners so overall there were denied the right to fight for their country. Black Americans who did make the front line were often not given enough training and worse equipment. In many cases they were sent to the more dangerous areas of the battlefield. The courage and heroic behaviour that the African American’s had shown during the War, began to change the attitudes of many white soldiers towards them meaning that they gained more respect. In the southern states, African Americans were still employed in poorly paid agricultural jobs. However during the Second World War many African American’s migrated to the North in search of better working and living conditions, they found work in industrial cities such as Detroit, Chicago and San Francisco. By the end of the...
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