African American Women and Heart Disease

Topics: Hypertension, African American, Black people Pages: 4 (1352 words) Published: August 28, 2011
Heart Disease in African American Women
Monique Boatner
Tabor College

Heart Disease in African American Women
The target group of the population intervention is African American women ages twenty-five and thirty-four, lower to middle class, in Birmingham, AL. When performing the intervention in this population subset the measurable objectives are the increase of the women who check their blood pressure on a regular basis and can voice whether their blood pressure is normal or high. Another measurable objective is that women with preexisting hypertension make a change in the following areas increase in physical activity, smoking cessation, body mass index, decrease in sodium intake or saturated fats, take medications as prescribed by doctor and regular doctor visits. To help decrease hypertension or prevention of prehypertension which helps decrease the deaths in African American women ages twenty- five through thirty- four years old. The goal set by Healthy People 2020, is to improve cardiovascular health and quality of life through prevention, detection, and treatment of risk factors for heart attack and stroke; early identification and treatment of heart attacks and strokes; and prevention of repeat cardiovascular events. In healthy people 2010 the goal is to reduce the deaths of African Americans by thirty percent. According to a twenty year old study high blood pressure in middle age, ranging from twenty -years old and forty-five years old was the most common in black women, followed by black men, white men and white women. According to the CDC the second leading cause of death among African American women ages twenty-five to thirty- four years old is heart disease. This leads to believe that there is a state of despair among this age group and race. There are many community based programs that help promote and are available for use to help decrease hypertension. Many local churches have health clinics and blood pressure/ cholesterol...

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