African American Vernacular English and Power Ebonics

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What is Ebonics?

African American Vernacular English (AAVE)—also called African American English; less precisely Black English, Black Vernacular, Black English Vernacular (BEV), or Black Vernacular English (BVE)—is an African American variety of American English. Non-linguists sometimes call it Ebonics (a term that also has other meanings and connotations). It shares parts of its grammar and phonology with Southern American English, which is spoken by many African Americans and many non-African Americans in the United States. As with all linguistic forms, its usage is influenced by age, status, topic, and setting. There are many literary uses of this variety of English, particularly in African American literature. The term was created in 1973 by a group of black scholars that didn’t like the negative term “Nonstandard Negro English”. It didn’t get any recogniton until the Oakland School Board recognized it as the “primary” language of its majority African American students and decided to teach it to them. Basically, Ebonics are just slang words. Here are some examples:

In a word ending in "ore," eliminate everything after the first "o" and add an apostrophe. English) I won't tell you again, please shut the door. 
Ebonics) I ain tellin you no mo', shet de do' !!
In general, most "er"s are dropped and replaced by "ah." 
English) Tower of Power 
Ebonics) Towah of Powah 

It’s funny, most people like Ebonics. Our President, Barack Obama, speaks Ebonics. He only use it around certain people. Mainly the people he’s very comfortable with. He’s not the only person that speak Ebonics. Many rappers like Lil Wayne, Drake, Meek Mill, etc. speak Ebonics in most of their songs. Many actors/ actresses speak Ebonics as well. Actors/ Actresses like Tyler Perry, Martin Lawrence, Queen Latifah, etc. Ebonics is really popular in the world.

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