African American Theology

Topics: Black people, African American, Negro Pages: 4 (1369 words) Published: February 7, 2012
Rochelle Crawford-Hurt
African American Theology
March 2, 2010
Final Paper

Black Theology has played a very significant part of the African American community. The introduction of Black Theology has helped distinguish it from the Christian Theology by relating it to the cause of blacks. For blacks to hear that Black Theology is based on liberation for the oppressed, gave zeal to the African American community a none white Theology that has energized the black community in ways never experience in American history. Since the onset of black theology blacks as a community began to view the fight to be treated fairly, to be treated as human, to be treated equally to be liberated from the oppression and racisms as a do or die cause worth fighting. Black Theology revealed the undistorted view of Christian as it relates blacks in America. Black Theology reveals the Black Christ as it relates to the black freedom struggle. This struggle continues to be seen through our black clergy, black freedom fighters and the black community as a whole. “On July 31, 1966 a group of clergyman known as the National Committee of Negro Churchman published a full page statement in the New York Times” ( p. 7 Hopkins). This statement was a rebuttal to civil right issues. This was one of the building blocks for black theology. The clergy was speaking out again the injustice being done to the Negros by the white man in America. The clergy wanted it to be known that the Gospel of Jesus Christ was to liberate the oppressed. Blacks had been oppressed for so long, until they became sick and tired of being sick and tired. It is for this reason, that the black church has long been the internal hope, strength and empowerment that has allow blacks to continue to have faith in the Good News of Jesus Christ. The revelation that Jesus Christ indentifies with the oppressed in America has been a major part of black theology. The oppressed in America are the blacks; therefore he is...
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