African American Question Philp Randolp

Topics: Franklin D. Roosevelt, Racism, African American Pages: 2 (355 words) Published: April 21, 2015

The result of Philip Randolp, attitude towards the inequity working conditions lead into WW2, blacks were not treated equally within the job setting. The whites would refuse blacks job duties or would not give them any proper training. Since Philip Randolp was livid about the mistreatment, he organized the March on Washington Movement to protest discrimination in the war industry workforce. He also brought it to the late President Franklin D. Roosevelt attention, the president issued and Executive Order 8802 to abolish racial discrimination on government defense factors and establish the first Fair Employment Practice Committee. Philip Randolp took a stand and completed it with a victory, without and viloience. Although African Americans were discriminated in the army like they were at home. During WWII, some gains were made in the army. While units remain for the most part segregated, many more officer positions were given to African Americans than prior to that time. In fact the 1940 Selective Service Act actually prohibited discrimination on the basis of race for certain volunteer positions.  More importantly, WW II open the eyes of African Americans. They were supposedly fighting for freedom in Europe. They question themselves whose freedom they were fighting for; obviously they were not free back home. Were they dying on the battle field to defend freedom for white people?  After the war they went home and some of them joined the civil rights struggle for them.  Many for example, participated in the Double V, campaign. This meant that they wanted to celebrate having won in Europe for democracy and now they called for a fight and victory against racism at home. So it can be argued that WW II was important for African American Civil Rights because it encourage to see the irony of fighting for "freedom" when they were not free at home.

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