African American Males

Topics: African American, Black people, Race and Ethnicity Pages: 5 (1936 words) Published: March 31, 2013
Can you imagine getting a phone call from a family member in jail? This thought went through my head as I saw that one out ten of my classmates had or have a family member incarcerated. Being an African American female incarceration never really crossed my mind on how many people in my cultural are going to jail for crimes that they didn’t commit, minor crimes, and because of the way they look. For example, African American males are being imprisoned all over the United States for crack, cocaine, weed, and the modern day Ecstasy (Molly). Growing up in a community where I experienced drug use, my family wouldn’t allow me to pre-take on these bad habits from the examples above. As I witnessed child hood friends going to prison before the age of fourteen and fifteen, I always thought that it will be better for them once they got out if they were giving a second chance. Looking back into history I found that the government was the primary reason for African American males and females being incarcerated. Furthermore, cocaine and crack was place in black communities to entrap African Americans from better themselves in this society. For instance, education, jobs, and knowledge are some of the things African American won’t have a real shot at getting before the age sixteen. Like most blacks, this is seen as the second generation of the Jim Crow Law, which prevents blacks from getting ahead before whites. Once African American males are convicted of a felony they lose their rights to vote in some states and looked as a second class citizen living in the United States. Research as labeled the United States for having the worst justice system, because of the increasing amount of people going to jail. Also, study showed that African American makeup 30% of the United States and is leading race with 60% for being incarcerated. Moreover, it was shown that once African American is labeled as a felon they will go back to the streets because they are limited to resources, no help is granted after they leave prison, and they are put into the system for the rest of their life.

This group did good presenting on African American males being incarcerated. They showed how the justice system really works and has led me to more questions. For instance, why is it easy for African Americans being sent to jail for bank robber, when a CEO of a company commits money laundry which is a larger crime pay a fee, spend some time in jail, and is still looked at as the good guy. Moreover, why is it so easy to target black males in their communities for selling drugs, when a couple of blocks away in the white and Hispanic communities crimes like selling myth a harder drug is not caught or being watched. This group presented their information fresh and enlighten on why so many black males are being targeted in the justice system than any other race. They showed that incarceration is a huge topic in the media, schools, and communities that need to be addressed. They were able to capture and keep my attention from what they research and showed. Although, I would have love for them to feel more confident in the work they presented it didn’t take away from the overall presentation. On the other hand, I really like that they took the time out to research, because of the amount of material that provided. As each member presented their material it flowed and made their individual parts attentive.

(Ma’at and Nommo)
The Crime & Punishment on African American Family group did a really great job on the material they found. They were able to provide much valid research that put them in a good stand point throughout their entire presentation. They presented their information showing how incarceration affected the male, female, and then kids. Doing this provided ways for families to seek out justice for their love ones and hope for a better future. The Vagrancy Law is an offense on a person that is not able to prove that he or she works. This...
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