African American Experience Dr. Muhammad

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Asia Hill-Matthews
African American Experience
Dr. Muhammad

The African Amercian Experience
Many African Amerciancs have gone to major extremes to secure, there rights in our society. They have tried to make many things better for themselves. In southern states, economic sanctions were appealed against African Amercians who were active in civil rights. Many were laid off from their jobs, loans were being denied and foreclosures of mortgages were some of the tactics used to “decimate the ranks of aggressive Negroes.”

African Americans themselves became increasingly impatient with the intransigence of the opponents of civil rights. They became aggressive and bolder which caused them to press for their rights with persistent strength. It was in the cities where they began to manifest their impatience. Blacks were becoming urban dwellers. “Between 1940 and 1970 the black population outside the old confederacy increased from nearly 4 million to more than 11 million, representing almost 50 percent of the total black population.” As African Americans moved to cities to solve their problems, they discovered that they only increased. African Americans experienced poor housing and unemployment, but as time progressed things got better.

By the second half of the twentieth century there were essential indications that the government would soon act to improve the status of African Americans. President Eisenhower presented a four point proposal for civil rights in 1957. When the Congress passed the civil rights bill, Clarence Mitchell Jr. was appointed to fight the legislation. Clarence Mitchell Jr. was the director of the Washington Bureau of the NAACP.

In the early 1960s, four students from the black Agricultural and Technical College in Greensboro, North Carolina, entered a variety store, made several purchases, and then sat down at the lunch counter to order food but was denied service because they were black. The four students decided to sit...
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