African American Essay

Topics: Race and Ethnicity, Racism, United States Pages: 3 (912 words) Published: April 10, 2009
African Americans
Michelle W Agwagu
AXIA College University of Phoenix

My name is Michelle Williams-Agwagu and my ethnicity group is African American. African Americans came here by forced immigration. They were not invited here to America, and they certainly did not come here by choice. They were forced and taken on ships that brought them to America just to become slaves to the white people.

Upon arrival to America, African Americans were treated poorly. Many of them were torn apart from their family members and some were infants that had no knowledge of whom they were as they became older. The group faced many challenges such as prejudice, segregation, and racism. A set of codes were implemented that all African Americans had to adhere to, or they would be punished by either getting beat by their master or possibly killed.

African Americans were not allowed to have any education; therefore, no one was allowed to learn to read or write. The slave owners made sure of that and if any slave did learn to read or write, he or she would be punished by their owner. They were separated from the other people because of the color of their skin and was not allowed to eat, play, drink or have any interaction with the masters or the master’s family members unless it was to do household chores as their servant. They did not have many opinions when it came to making decisions.

Unfortunately, African Americans were affected by dual labor market and red lining. In the early stages of African American emancipation, not many of them had education or access to quality higher education. Even if they had this education, they were forced into the lower labor market and regardless of the quality of their education they would start in much lower positions than that of their white counterparts.

African Americans were affected by this because they were not given any meaningful jobs with any type of significant pay structure and benefits. The jobs were more short-term than...
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