African-American Equality

David Benson African-American Equality

African-American have been put down, enslaved, discriminated agents, and countless other things. They have been denied the rights of “Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. African-Americans (blacks) were brought from Africa and enslaved by rich white men. They’ve been put down through out history! One example is that they could not sit in the front of a bus, they were forced to the back and all because of the skin color. An even better example of this prejudice is the African-Americans just being slaves.

African-Americans when they were first brought to America they were salves and nothing else. But as time went by some slave owners set the slaves “free”. Even thought these blacks were “free” they still weren’t aloud certain rights, such as sitting in the front of a bus. Rosa Parks was a black women who refused to obey the bus driver James Blake’s order to make room for a white passenger, she was not the first person to refuse to move but her actions that day sparked the Montgomery Bus Boycott. She then became a national icon for racial segregation which eventually led up to the other great national icon, Martin Luther King Jr. Which brings me to my next example, African-Americans being enslaved. African-Americans were being enslaved ever since the colonies were around. They were only counted as ¾ of a person when counting the population of a state, they were not there own person they “belonged” to usually plantation owners, but not always. And they were treated like crap and were beaten. A good example of the beatings and killings of blacks is the rosewood case, where angry racist whites killed and undetermined amount of blacks and burnt down there Florida community. The most common of the types of slavery were the forced laborers. Slavery was very common in the south and was depended on to keep plantations up and running.

The Quakers were one of the first

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