African-American Art

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African-American Art
A mural is an artwork of painting that is applied on the wall, permanent surface or ceiling. One of the distinguishing elements of a given mural is the architectural feature that is harmoniously attached on the image. Wall paintings are sometimes painted on canvases and then attached on walls. However, this is subject to controversy in the field of art. There are two types of murals in African and American setting. They include; Photographic mural and painted or image murals. Artist using photography mural can design their photographs in different styles. Materials that can be used in photography mural are aluminum, canvas, vinyl and board materials. Photographic mural does not require any protective material to cover the pictures. Image murals need an artist to use framing and matting in their work. Image murals are popular in outdoor decorations, in cities and memorials. Many people communicate their ideas or taste through image murals. An example is an individual who pays an artist to design and create a piece of art and uses it in his house. The quality that an artist can provide depends on the amount of fee and details the owner of the art is willing to pay. Different walls require different types of image murals. For example, a child room can be decorated with images that show creativity (Prigoff). For the photograph mural, there has to be adequate consultations between an artist and client. The client has to approve the pictures before the artist starts doing the work. However, in most cases pictures to be used in painting are provided by the client. In other cases, the artist draws the picture using a pencil before painting begins. Images can be scaled before painting is done. A group of artist specializes in photographic techniques paint without prior sketching. After completion, the artist uses a thin coat of varnish to cover the work from direct sunlight (UV light) or surface damage. Murals play an important role in bringing art to the public domain. Individuals who cannot go to an art gallery get the chance to view an artist work (Tse). The star dancer on pointe is an allegorical piece of artwork by French artist Edgar Degas. The painting is in the Norton Simon Museum at 411 W Colorado Blvd, in Pasadena at the corner of Colorado Boulevard and Orange Groove. This piece of art stems from the period of 1878 to 1880 found under the European Art 19th century collection. The star is an oil painting on pastel and gouache mounted on board measuring (56.5 × 75.6 centimeters). The young girl in the painting probably fifteen years of age is performing a ballet dance. The dancer has worn a light blue dress decorated with orange flowers and orange hair band. The impression is of a live performance by experienced dancer pulling “a dancer on pointe” move. As portrayed in the scenery, the dancer gestures to an empty side on the right side of the stage with her left arm. The painting is a unique balance of color, figure and movement. It has a fine composition fashioned from six different pieces of paper of which Degas added as he supposedly changed and enlarged the painting design. Degas had noticed that the steps ballerinas took were of high ballet dancing skills. Through this painting, he powerfully expressed this discovery through the girl’s posture showing movement by rough brushstrokes and space on the right side of the stage. The young dancer strikes a position that is hard and almost impossible to sustain for more than a few seconds thus the name “on pointe”. Formal elements in the picture

The painting has used bright color shades of strokes reflected upstage. Bright colors in the picture bring out an energetic mood. There is a carefully blending of the dancer and her stage with the introduction of bright colors in the background to match her light blue dress. The dancer’s dress has shades of bright light blue color fading...

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