African American and Rosa Parks

Topics: African American, Montgomery Bus Boycott, Black people Pages: 3 (872 words) Published: January 15, 2014
Alexis Francis
Period 1
English 2
Influential Black People
Throughout the black history there were three people who stood out as very influential people. These people go by the name of Vernon Johns, Martin Luther King Jr. and Rosa Parks. Vernon Johns, Martin Luther King Jr. and Rosa Parks took stand and stood up for what they believed in. And what they all believed in was more black rights. Vernon Johns was a very stubborn and radical speaker. Martin Luther King Jr. was an honest motivational speaker. He spoke of peace and only wanted equality. And Rosa Parks was a very gutsy and stubborn person who was also passionate for equality. These people were very important on the Blacks victory of equality. Vernon Johns was born on April 22, 1892 and lived in Montgomery Alabama. Vernon Johns was a harsh speaker at a black church called Dexter Baptist Church. He preached of many things. He wanted equal rights for black people so badly. He called for a sermon one day at the church and it was to talk about how a police man murdered a black man. The police claimed that this guy resisted arrest and therefore was murdered on the spot. There were other thoughts going through Vernon Johns about this whole murder. He assumed that they murdered him simply because he was black. The more these kinds of acts kept coming up the more he preached and spoke his mind in order to get the people to agree with him that they shouldn’t have to put up with this and that this isn’t fair at all, but most importantly that they needed to stand up for what was right. Vernon Johns played a huge role in helping himself as well as other black people to take action and stand up for their equal rights. Martin Luther King Jr was born on January 15, 1929 in Atlanta Georgia. Martin Luther king jr was also a very inspirational speaker. He wanted quality more than anything. He hated that where ever you went there were white people being racist, harassing, and threating blacks all because of a different...
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