African American and Hip Hop Artist

Topics: African American, Black people, Barack Obama Pages: 1 (383 words) Published: February 7, 2013
Earnest Nelson
Exemplification essay

Do you think others stereotype you because of your heritage, or because of your age, your gender, your dress, or where you live? Yes, it happens every day all around the world. There are many ways that people are stereotyped in the world today such as being African American, Sexism, and being a homosexual. Stereotypes have gone to the extreme in today’s society and issues must be addressed. Black people are always stereotypes as being from the projects, or being poor and involved with drugs. Not all black people are like that. Just as with every other race that has its downfall of people in poverty so does black people. Blacks try to counter the hate and hostility that they encounter with warmth and kindness toward one another such as with the Cosby show. Bill Cosby had hoped that the show about an “educated, professional, intact Black family” would end stereotypical portrayals of African Americans. But still Blacks are portrayed as inferior, unimportant, and void of credibility. Not all African Americans are poor; there are some that are actually very rich and famous. The only reason why we aren’t making money is because we a portrayed as inferior, unimportant, and void of creditability. For instance there are many hip hop artist and athletes making millions of dollars a month. Chris Brown, Beyonce, Tiger Woods etc. See not all black people are poor. Most black people are accused to be involved with drugs. Not true. Maybe some, but not all are involved with drugs. It isn’t right to assume things like that. For example, MLK, Malcolm X, Michael Jordan, barrack Obama. Stereotyping is horrible for the world and it should be stopped. Today we live in a world filled with stereotyping. If everyone would just accept everyone for who they are, and not judge people by the color of their skin or gender the world would be a better place. Stereotyping is going on everywhere and every day around the world....
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