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Topics: Family, Mother, High school Pages: 1 (376 words) Published: September 19, 2013
I am African-American with a hint of West Indian in my blood. I was born in Baltimore, Maryland and raised in Delaware. My surroundings and family affected who I developed to be as a 21 year old African-American woman. I was brought up on certain foundations on how one should live such, as going to college, getting a good job, buying my own home , meeting a man , marrying him , then having kids and it had to be in that order. I did grow up in a somewhat strict home, but as I grew old I learned that it was for my best interest because my parents had been there and done what I was going to face growing up. I never really understood why most of the time it was no, but now that I’m older and see some of the results of no discipline upon some of my peers I’m grateful for the no’s. A big part of my cultural identity is God and going to church. I grew up in the church and God is a big part of how I chose to live my life thus, I use the Bible as instruction. I was not born with a silver spoon in my mouth I grew up in the middle-class and to me I felt like I was rich because we never went lacking us always had what we needed and sometimes what we wanted. Both my parents are well-off but they still work hard in their fields of work, the medical field. My father is a physical therapist and my mother is a registered nurse and now she is the director of health services here at Lincoln. But my personality was developed based on my different surroundings such as school. Going to various schools and meeting various people I really didn’t develop into my own personality until high school. Another surrounding would be my family. My family plays a huge role in who I am because I have both traits of my mother and father , some good and some not so good but I am me. I am not ashamed of who am I like who I am becoming every day because I am not done maturing yet.
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