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American Ethnic Literature
Gerald Washington
Julie Kares

American ethnic Literature
What makes American literature American?
When we talk about American literature we are talking about incorporating the story of an American piece. The makeup of the American values includes the rights to liberty, justice, equality, freedom, love, and family. American literature authors will use these values in their stories. American is well known for their short stories. When we speak of American literature we are talking about words that are centered character and what they encounter between the land and the people that they come upon. The American literature is written by Americans about Americans. American literature is like studying American history. What is literary Canon? How does literary canon relate to what is going on in society? Literary canon is the classifications of books and how they help cultures and even a society of a region or a country. A group of literary works that are generally accepted, literary canon is a collection of works and authors who have approval of the academic and the cultural people. Literary canon outlines the literature of a culture, society, country, or the community. Society looks to literary canons for them to understand what causes cultural influence and the literary canon is to research issues that are important to that country. It is import to have literary canon because they help the readers see what that culture is all about and to see how that culture everyday life is. What special challenges do ethnic writers have within the American literary experience? American literature is away to embody the ideals of our country, When an ethnic writer start writing American literature they have to be aware of their audience the ones that are reading the literature. The writer has to uphold the values and the beliefs on what they are writing. Ethnic writers may have challenges trying to relate to Americans...
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