Africa: The Cradle of Human Civilization

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Aaron Monroe
Chike Nwadiogbu
World Civilization 1 ( History 101 )
Africa, The Cradle of Human Civilization
The Big Bang Theory is a strong scientific effort to explain how our universe began. Even in our generation, people are still asking that number one question “Where did it all begin and how was the universe created?" According to the Big Bang Theory, around 15 billion years ago a gigantic explosion occurred and this expanded our universe. The energy of space and all of the matter met at one point and it clashed. The person that we give credit to for making this discovery is Edwin Powell Hubble. He was an American astronomer. Hubble played a major part in establishing what we call modern day astronomy. In 1919 Edwin Powell Hubble helped to complete the world’s largest telescope. Around the year 1922-1923 Edwin Powell Hubble made an amazing observation. He proved that the nebula was too far away to be part of the Milky Way galaxy. A nebula is a cloud of gas & dust combined. Within the Nebula we learned that there were certain elements necessary for the creation of life and these elements were present during creation. Edwin Powell Hubble also noticed that there were many separate galaxies out there in the universe. When he shared his observations, it changed the scientific view of the universe. As Edwin Hubble continued to conduct his research and observe the stars, he discovered a new phenomenon. In 1929 he observed that the universe was continuing to grow and expand. He also discovered that the galaxy's speed is the same as its distance. Since its birth the Big Bang Theory has been challenged by many. Those who believe in the theory had to search for more evidence to prove that they're correct while those who oppose the theory continue expressing their views. In June of 1995 NASA made some discoveries which granted themselves as proof that the Big Bang Theory does exist. The astronomers used the Astro-2 observatory to confirm that one of the requirements for the foundation of life was through the Big Bang Theory. The mixture of hydrogen and helium was the creation of the universe. Whenever we use the term “Origin of Species”, we must acknowledge Charles Darwin. He published this work November 24, 1859. This was considered to be the birth of evolutionary biology. Charles Darwin was a naturalist. A naturalist is an expert or student of natural history. His specialty was study of organisms including plants or animals in their natural environment. The Origin of Species is an argument about how a particular species survives. Charles Darwin argued that there was no God and that all of creation was not birthed from God as the Bible declares but instead from the process of evolution. He believed every living species currently on the earth evolved from other past species through the process of natural selection. Also we can say that this concept gives us what is known as the survival of the fittest. Origin of Species also discusses the thought that species will adapt to their environment over time. Many species have survived due to the fact that protective mechanisms have developed through many years of the living organism’s evolution pattern. Jean Baptiste Lamarck was the first man whose conclusions on the Origin of Species got a lot of attention. He published his views in 1801. He believed that changed habits produce an inherited effect, as in the period of the flowering of plants when they transported from one climate to another. Species less able to handle the environment are less likely to survive and less likely to reproduce, which introduces the possibility of extinction. Species more suited to the environment are more likely to survive and more likely to reproduce and leave their inheritable traits to future generations. One theory on the origin of species that Lamark focused one specifically was that different traits within a species could arise, or become more developed...
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