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Analytical Essay – Obama!!!!!

Anders Hornbæk
Engelsk • Aflevering • Gladsaxe gymnasium • 25. March 2015
The essay “Obama!!!!!” is written by the American author and comedian David Sedaris, and is featured in his essay collection “Let’s Explore Diabetes with Owls” from 2013.

David Sedaris is living in a small village in the Normandy, France. It is not a place with a lot going on, and it is therefore not that hard to get written up in the local newspaper, if you just stand out a little. As David Sedaris expresses it: “In fact, it’s hard to stay out of it.”

David Sedaris stands out, since he is an American who lives in a homosexual relation with his boyfriend Hugh. In relation to the 2008 presidential election, there was a big local interest, in the opinion of this American couple. Furthermore had all Frenchmen apparently an opinion about the election and the candidates. Especially about weather or not it was possible to get a black president in the United States.

“Obama!!!!!” alto portrays another issue, about how David experiences a big difference in the openness in the political debate in US and in Europe. In US, it is common to openly proclaim, which political candidate you support, through signs, banners and badges. In France, this is considered a very private matter, and it is almost rude to interfere with others political opinion. Through the essay, David wonders why many Frenchmen gladly spoke about his vote, while their own was of chart.

David Sedaris establishes his ethos and credibility as a writer as he is well spoken, amusing and opinionated. For the reader he seems like he have something on his heart and the means to express it. The language during the essay is very casual and personal, while he tells about his own experiences. The informal tone is expressed, while the author uses terms like “it’s pretty much all you get”, “huge asshole” and “I traveled pretty much nonstop”. Humor and sarcasm is also key elements during the...
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