Afghanistan Religious Food

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Afghan Holiday/ Religious Dishes & Desserts
Afghan Nowroz Celebration 101
There are many customs around Nowroz but here are the most common ones that are experienced in Afghanistan are: Haft Mewa: A special drink called Haft Mewa (seven fruits). Haft Mewa which we are calling the Afghan New Year Fruit Medly on this blog is essentially compote made from seven different dried fruits and nuts served in their own juices. Traditionally the seven ingredients are as follows: red raisins, black raisins, yellow raisins, senjid (the dried fruit of the oleaster tree), pistachio, dried apricot, and dried apple.   Samanak: This is a special sweet made from wheat germ which requires several weeks of perparation.  The custom is for women to gather, essentially a “girls’ night in” and prepare the dish from late in the evening until daylight, singing special songs. Made in Samanak parties. Special Food: People cook Sabzi Challaw (spinach and rice) on the eve of Nowroz to welcome spring and a prosperous crop for the coming year. Also, bakeries make Kulcha e Nowrozy, a special rice cookie very similar to our Gluten Free Butter Cookies, but decorated in red and green colors in honor of the holiday.  People also make or buy Mahi (fried fish) and Jelabi (fried sugar dessert) mostly eaten at picnics. Afghan Wedding Meals: After hours of dancing, the meal after the marriage will consist of three kinds of rice and various shis kabobs. It will be served in a buffet manner. There is usually a traditional dessert made of bread crumbs. When the dinner is announced, the guests form a line and walk alongside a decorated buffet, where assorted authentic Afghan foods are presented. From the Shohla e Goshtee to three different varieties of rice called palou and chalou, there are many kinds of kabobs: kabob e chopan, chaplee kabob, teka kabob, shaami kabob, also mantu aushak with authentic Afghan bread will conclude the dinner table. For dessert firnee, sheer brenj (rice pudding) and...
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