Topics: Afghanistan, Pakistan, Kabul Pages: 2 (574 words) Published: June 23, 2013
Afghanistan’s Main religion is Islam, and it’s the main religion in Afghanistan which is practiced by about 90% of the population. Their main tradition is the teaching of their religion. Muslims pray 5- times a day and that’s what they do through their daily lives. They religion of Islam has 5-Pillars: Pray, fast, Give Charity to those in need, go to Hajj (Which is in Saudi Arabia). Muslims should at least go there once in their life and the last one is to give Zakat which is giving 5-10% of the expensive things you own like jewellery, car. The people in Afghanistan are separated in to two main sects, the Shi-it and the Sunni. They live in different regions and have their own ways of practicing their religion.( Milivojevic,2010,p 30)

Afghanistan has dry rugged Regions and it stretches about 625,230 km^2, which is over two and a half the size of UK. Afghanistan has a low annual rainfall, and along the borders there is a 1100 km river called Amu-Darya. Along the northern Plains is Afghanistan’s most fertile Agricultural soil, and along the southern plains are mostly deserted. Due to the low annual rainfall, the people in Afghanistan used snow melted on mountains to grow their crops.

Afghanistan is rich in Mineral resources and soviets discovered natural gas in 1960, and they began expanding it and was exported around the world. Geologists believed that Afghanistan consists of large variety of: iron, copper, gold, and lithium, and these products are used in making high-tech products. The resources in Afghanistan still remained underground due to the war ongoing with US and Taliban.

The history of Afghanistan relates to about 5000 years before, where there was no transport and no Hi-Tech products like now a day. People in Afghanistan used to travel around with horses and that was the main transport around the world. The Khyber Pass and Hindu Kush Mountains in Afghanistan was the world’s most important trade routes. Whenever traders passed from these routes...
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