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Topics: Mobile phone, Cellular network, Mobile phone radiation and health Pages: 3 (809 words) Published: August 24, 2013

Advantages of Mobile Phones

While advantages of mobile phones are self evident, their disadvantages also need to be given some thought. Here is some information about cell phone usage merits and demerits. There are various advantages of mobile phones. The growth of cell phone usage has increased drastically since the last decade, and it is estimated that mobile phones will cross 5 billion in 2010. With their number increasing at a tremendous rate and with the threat of 'cell phone addiction', there are certainly several disadvantages of cell phones as well. Few Advantages of Mobile Phones Since the year 1991, the number of mobile phone users all across the globe has risen drastically. This sharp increase has been mostly observed in developing Asian countries like China and India, that have surpassed the US in the number of mobile phone consumers. Certainly, there are several advantages of mobile phones that has helped in the cell phone success by leaps and bounds. However, there are some disadvantages of cell phone as well that can't be ignored. I'll talk about both facets of

cell phone usage further.. Ease to Express Yourself By allowing instant access to anybody across the globe, mobile phones have changed the landscape of communication. Not only globally, cell phones are important in day to day life. You want to talk to someone at home, a friend or your spouse, just give a call! You forget something important at home and now you need it in your office. Give a call at home! So on and so forth...cell phones are a necessity. Aren't they? More than Communication, Entertainment Love listening to music? Or playing video games? Or watching movies? Do all you wish, by purchasing some affordable mobile phones. Entertainment, especially when you're traveling or getting bored, was never so easy. Nowadays, you can even browse Internet on your cell phones. Cell phone manufacturers cater to the needs of every mobile user, with the...
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