Affordable Care Act

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Executive Summary on The Affordable Care Act
The Affordable Care Act (ACA) is the new health care reform law otherwise known as ObamaCare. The ACA attempts to reform the healthcare system through affordable quality health insurance, and by reducing the increase of healthcare spending. Reforms include new benefits, rights and protections, rules for insurance companies, taxes, tax breaks, funding, spending, the creation of committees, education, new job creation, and more.

The main components of the ACA are titles. The titles address specific aspects of reform. Each title contains sections, which contain provisions. The provisions do a variety of things and are the parts of the law that affects Americans. There are 10 titles within the act. Each has a different role; the title of Quality, affordable health care for all Americans eliminates lifetime and unreasonable annual limits on benefits. It also prohibits recessions of health insurances policies, provides assistance for those who are uninsured because of a pre existing condition, extends dependant coverage up to age 26. Title 2, or the role of public programs, extends Medicaid, preserves Successful children’s insurance plan (CHIP), and simplifies enrollment. It also treats States equally and gives them flexibility to be able to come up with strategies to improve care, expand home care services, and make coordination with Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries better. Title 3, Improving the Quality and Effiency of Health Care, preserves, protects, and reforms Medicaid. It provides additional health services to rural America, creates a team of experts to improve Medicare and keep it running. Title 4, Prevention of Chronic Disease and Improving Public Health, promotes prevention, wellness, and public health, makes nutritional info more prevalent, and attacks diseases before they hit to improve health, save lives, and avoid future costly complications. Title 5, Health Care...
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