Affordable Care Act

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Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act
Yolanda Raqueno
April 17, 2013

Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act
The goal of this essay is to discuss the health care system in the United States. Another aim of this essay is to discuss the health policy, to improve, and to reduce inequalities. In the United States the private insurance system is a major provider of health care services, health care system is expensive and in many cases not efficient. This essay focuses on the patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, Formulating, Legislative, and Implementation stages.

The government has trying to stop the increasing growth of spending on health care and offering different measures by pricing controlling regulation of medical practice. According to Nichols, (2010) in 1980s many health insurance companies called Health Management Organizations (HMO) emerged. The HMO did not offering direct medical treatment; however, some consumers still making contracts with private doctors and taking the health insurance payment from patients (Nichols, 2010). Formulating Stages

According to Rigby, (2011) the United States is facing a health crisis increasing rates of chronic illness, persistent health disparities, and escalating medical cost, therefore, addressing these [problems requires reaching beyond traditional policy to address the nonmedical determinants of health, including socioeconomic, and environmental conditions (Rigby, 2001).

Many uninsured Americans do not have enough money to turn to the appropriate specialists, and unable to receive proper medical treatment. There are many people lack of health coverage, for instance, many American under age of 65 are currently uninsured and most of the uninsured people go without health coverage because poor people cannot afford to purchase health insurance, and uninsured American would purchase it if they could. Another reason is the uninsured patients are less likely to receive preventive care, less likely to seek care as quickly when uninsured patient are sick, or injured (Morone, 2008).

Another reason the uninsured Americans are denied, and rejected to purchase health insurance because of their pre-existing health condition, such as cancers, HIV/AIDs, children living with HIV, and Diabetes. The people have a pre-existing health condition are difficult to purchase a health insurance and sometimes the health insurance companies are charging the uninsured patients of high amount of money to purchase a health coverage (Morone, 2008)

According to Morone, (2008) the United States health care spending is unsustainable, for instance, increasing health care costs both contribute to federal deficit and reduce government ability to spend in other important areas, such as education, housing, and economic development (Morone, 2008). Furthermore, the United States spends more on health care more than any other industrialized nation. Next the institute of Medicine reported in 2012 that the current generation of children and adults in the United States may become the first generation to experience shorter life spans than their parents (Morone, 2008). Legislative Stages

According to Nichols, (2010) the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act was established in March 2010. CMS has worked together with state partners to identify key implementation priorities and provides the guidance needed to prepare for the significant changes to Medicaid and CHIP that will start on January 1, 2014. In March 2012 and CMS had opened the two final rules defining the eligibility and enrolment policies needed to accomplish a seamless system to coverage for individual who will be eligible for Medicaid beginning in 2014. Moreover, the final rules establish the framework for States’ implementing of the eligibility expansion going forward (Nichols, 2010).

According to Morone, (2008) the Affordable ACT is a piece of legislation that attempts to reform the health...

References: Morone, J. A., Litman, T. J., & Robins, L. S. (2008). Health politics and policy (4th ed.). Clifton Park, NY:
Delmar Cengage Learning.
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