Affirmative Debate: Acces to Drinking Water

Topics: Water, War, Water resources Pages: 2 (692 words) Published: February 24, 2013
Intro – “Over 4,000 children die every day from water related diseases. In fact, more lives have been lost after World War II due to contaminated water than from all forms of violence and war. This humanitarian catastrophe has been allowed to fester for generations. We must stop it.” [Herald Tribune] It is because I agree with Mikhail Gorbachev, that I must affirm today’s resolution. Resolved: Access to drinking water ought to be valued as a human right instead of as a commodity. The value I will be upholding in today’s debate is Justice, which is keeping equality and providing what is fair for the people. Justice should be viewed as the most important idea in this round because it is necessary to keeping order in modern society. My value of Justice is upheld by the Criteria of protecting life. It is only fair that every human’s life is protected in order to allow them a chance at a survival. The only way to ensure justice to everyone is to protect their lives, thus giving them a chance in the world. To better understand the Affirmative position, I offer the following three areas of analysis: -Since water is a necessity to survival, it is only fair to supply everyone with equal access to drinking water. -It is only fair that people are protected from deadly diseases by being given the access to clean drinking water. -It is only fair to provide all of these people with water as a human right in order to stop water wars. Let’s look at my first contention. There are some people around the world wasting precious water resources on unnecessary things, such as landscaping. While these people waste the water that they have, “over a billion people still have no decent water supply to sustain themselves” and are suffering because of it [Herald Tribune]. This lack of access to drinking water to a vast quantity of the population is not a problem that we can ignore. Thus in this point we see that we must value drinking water as a human right in order to...
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