Affirmative Action Is a Necessary Part of the Solution to Racism

Topics: Discrimination, Racism, Affirmative action Pages: 6 (2001 words) Published: August 8, 2010
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Appendix E

Critical Analysis Forms

Fill out one form for each source.

Source 1 Title and Citation: Affirmative Action Is a Necessary Part of the Solution to Racism. | Ellis Cose. Current controversies: Racis. ED. Noel Merino. Detroit: Greenhaven press, 2009|

1| Identify the principal issue presented by the source.| Affirmative Action has been under assault since it came into existence. The debate is not about whether society should offer equal opportunity but will Affirmative Action help all ethnics groups.| 2| Identify any examples of bias presented by the author. If none exist, explain how you determined this.| The author biases towards segregation in which that affirmative action will help all ethnics groups, but affirmative action came into place to help black students get into colleges and the university. In the 60’s blacks could not get into major university because of racism. Whites were getting into the university without any biases were blacks were not allowed to enter. He notes that affirmative action is necessary to end racism.| 3| Identify any areas that are vague or ambiguous. If none exist, explain how you determined this.| I thought the Author could have explained more in depth how Proposition 209 could have been more of an influence to both Carcuison and Blacks. Proposition 209 I was vote in to eliminate the color barriers that still exist in today’s society. But the author failed to mention how Proposition 209 will help fill the gap of Affirmative Action to assist all racist.| 4| Do you find the source credible? Explain your reasoning.| Yes, Affirmative action has played a big part in all races getting into the colleges, university and government jobs. This measure was an opportunity for all to be equally viewed. Over the years I have seen these measures to be extremely effective in aggressively changing the life of many races. | 5| Identify and name any rhetorical devices used by the author. If none exist, explain how you determined this.| The attacks on blacks on the sixties brought forth Affirmative Action. Blacks were enduring unfair treatment and segregation. The article speaks of a story here a carcusion man was looking for a job in which he was told due to Affirmative Action the job will be offered to a black person or woman. There is no doubt that will be better off without affirmative action, But at least we should not forget racism still exist in our nation. | 6| Identify and name any fallacies used by the author. If none exist, explain how you determined this.| Proposition 209, prior to the passage, proponents was fond arguing over minority students would benefit from this passage, whites want to level the playing field in which they are thinking blacks are getting into the top university without earning it. Whites believe that blacks should have the same measures of standard as whites.| 7| State one argument made by the author.| The author stated, after a quarter of a century we are still discussing and debating about racism. Racism still plays a role of who gets in to best colleges and university and government jobs and who does not? It is well documented that racism still exist today and will exist in the future.| 8| Identify the premises and conclusion of the argument.| Premises: Affirmative Action have been under assault since it came into existence. But of late, the scent of blood has been in the air. There is a sense among certain of its foes that the policy is in its final throes, reeling like a battered boxer in the ring, merely awaiting the final blow.Conclusion: Both sides do indeed claim the moral high ground, making compromise on issues associated with affirmative action difficult. In a sane world, the battle in Michigan, and indeed the battle over affirmative action writ large, would offer an opportunity to seriously engage a question to enemies and defenders of affirmative action claim to care about....
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