Affirmative Action

Topics: Affirmative action, United States, Minority group Pages: 2 (625 words) Published: April 4, 2013
In the 196o’s a policy that created jobs, promotions, government contracts, admission to school and other benefits to minority groups and women. This policy was named Affirmative Action. Affirmative action goes back when discrimination was against african americans, native americans, hispanics, and women,so to protect their rights, it was created. The federal government required for both states and local governments to have this programs. The policy also had to be followed by organizations and schools that received federal aid. There were quotas where a specific amount of jobs had to be set aside for minorities and women and had to be followed.

Not many people took the affirmative action lightly, many did not want to coop with it. Organizations like the Center to Individual Rights opposed affirmative action, They think its wrong to discriminate against people today just to make up for past discrimination. Its believed by them that your qualifications and abilities should be enough to see if you qualify for a college, job, and/or promotion. Not only are they against this, but the quotas reserving a number of positions just for minorities and/or women.

But organizations like the American Civil Liberties Union agree with the program. They believed that because of the past discrimination african americans, hispanics, native americans, and women went through many disadvantages that others didn’t. Past discrimination cause a lot of damage to these groups, so that is why the government must make an effort to protect and promote minorities and/or women. They also agree with having race and gender considered when judging qualifications for a school, job and/or promotion. To them, past discrimination must be made up for. This is a disputation topic that is still up for today. Organizations, jobs, and school still disagree and agree on it today making the program somewhat difficult at times to proceed with.

In my opinion, affirmative action should be continued to...
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