Affinity Diagram

Topics: Decision making, Problem solving, Decision making software Pages: 4 (1087 words) Published: May 30, 2006
Good decision making is an essential skill for success in business and effective leadership. It applies to any business in any line of work. Making good timely decisions will not only lead your team or business to success, but it will also foster the respect and trust of your team members. Poor decisions, or not making decisions, will lead to failure and, quite possibly, the loss of faith from your team to lead them effectively. There are many different tools and techniques that can help you make well thought timely decisions that will help enable your success. These tools are designed to help you plan out the effects of your decisions and take the best course of action. These tools fall into one of the following categories, or groups. The first decision is selecting what to change in your environment. Then, the importance of working out the different options that are available. Also, a part is making a choice, taking into account different factors, and choosing by valuing different factors. It is necessary to research the pros and cons of every decision. There is pressure toward and against change. This is why checking decisions from every different perspective are beneficial toward the analysis of a profitable outcome. One of the tools available when deciding what to change is an Affinity Diagram. This tool is used to help retain large amounts of data from brain storming and organize it into groups. This, data that is gathered, is all connected by one single concept and grouped into categories by related items.

The Affinity Diagram tool is a good way to get people to work together to solve difficult issues on a creative level. This tool can be used in situations that the unknown or unexplored is being addressed by a team or group of people with many seemingly different or unrelated ideas. This is very important when the team is newly formed or not everyone has a complete and comfortable understanding of the situation. The criteria for using an...
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