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Topics: Developmental biology, Stem cell, Bone marrow Pages: 2 (481 words) Published: February 17, 2014
Jordan Via
Mr. Krause
Speech II P.4
18 Jan. 2012
A BILL TO PROVIDE COMPLETE FUNDING AND ESTABLISH STEM CELL RESEARCH CENTERS IN THE UNITED STATES Stem cell research can potentially help treat a range of medical problems; it could lead humanity closer to better treatment and possibly cure a number of diseases. Better treatment of these diseases could also give significant social benefits for individuals and increase the now slump economy. There is endless potential for scientists to learn about human growth and cell development from studying stem cells.

Stem cells are the basic cells of a living organism; they can be used to create any type of cell in the creature. With stem cell research you can discover hundreds if not thousands of medicinal uses for embryotic stem cells, “In the beginning there is the stem cell; it is the origin of an organism's life. It is a single cell that can give rise to progeny that differentiate into any of the specialized cells of embryonic or adult tissues,” Dr. Stewart Sell. With enough research and development, doctors could potentially cure diseases and other critical problems such as Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, Heart Diseases, Stroke and Type 1 Diabetes, Birth Defects, Spinal Cord Injuries, replace or repair damaged organs with reduced risk of transplantation, and stem cells may play a major role in cancer.

With the successful production of stem cells that could be used to heal someone they would easily produce millions if not billions of dollars for the now dreary economy in America. It could also diminish the need to wait for organ and blood donors. Stem cells can only help our medical industry by not only saving lives but also boost the economy by creating revenue and a new field of science in which doctors create the correct cells through the use of that person’s stem cells.

My Science teacher once told me that, if the stem cells are being taken and used properly for research ex: being used when they...
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