Affective domain lesson plan

Topics: Feeling, Emotion, Jamie Lee Curtis Pages: 3 (719 words) Published: October 23, 2013
Marcella Hawk
EDC 383
Affective Domain Lesson Plan

4.3 Apply skills to find out how others are feeling.
4.4 Apply skills to predict the potential feelings of others.

Objective: Students will draw faces of the emotions of mad, sad, happy, silly, scared, and excited and be able to identify what each expression looks like on his or her face. Goal: Students will be able to apply skills about how others are feeling Rationale: This lesson gives students an opportunity to learn about new emotional and gain further knowledge about how to express how they are feeling. Anti-bias area(s): Children will have a discussion about their felling’s and how they express how they are feeling. Anti-bias skill(s): Students will be able to identify how other peers deal with their feelings and emotions Materials: 

1. Today I Feel Silly: and Other Moods that Make My Day By Jamie Lee Curtis 2. Feelings Sheet (see connected)
3. Popsicle sticks with Names
Guiding Inquiry Questions:
1. How are you feeling right now?
2. What is your favorite type of feeling? What is your least favorite type? Prior knowledge:
Students must be able to recognize and identify what the feelings mad, sad, happy, silly, scared, and excited are. Introduction: To introduce our lesson I will call all of the students to the rug and I will ask everyone how they are feeling today. I will then proceed to tell them that today I feel sad. I will then ask the students if they have ever felt sad and what they did or what someone else did to make them feel better. Instructions:

1. While the students are sitting quietly on the rug go around the rug and ask students to talk about the different feelings they are feeling today. I will then ask them if it is normal to have more than one feeling in a day. 2. I will introduce our book by going over the title, author’s name, and illustrator’s name. I will ask them what they suspect will happen throughout the book. Before...
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