Affect of Ph on Enzymes

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Effects of pH on enzyme activity


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The aim of the experiment is to see the enzyme amylase catalyse starch in a chemical reaction.



Enzymes are proteins. They act as catalysts, allowing chemical reactions to take place by lowering the amount of energy needed. They therefore speed up a reaction without being consumed themselves in the process. Enzymes are needed by all human beings, without them we couldn’t survive. They act as catalysts that break down substances such as starch and convert them into different products such glucose, needed for cells to do their job within the body. Amylase in an enzyme that breaks down starch by breaking the long chains of polysaccharides into disaccharides, which is converted into glucose. In the human body there are several main sources of carbohydrates. Which are sucrose ( cane sugar) lactose (a disaccharide in milk) starches (present in all almost non animal foods these are large polysaccharides and found in particular grains there is also fructose (a monosaccharide) (Better health for the whole family).


Starch comes from plants and is a polymer made up of glucose molecules. Starch is made up of a mixture of amylopectin and amylose. Amylase is the enzyme that breaks down starch.


Amylase is an enzyme that digests starch it is found in the pancreas and in the mouth.when food is eaten and mixed with saliva , the foods starts to be broken down into smaller molecules. Pancreatic enzymes then cover the molecules when it arrives at the small intestine where the ph returns to neutral the starch contained in the food continue to be broken down into smaller units called disaccharides and then eventually get converted to...
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