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Kelsey Burrell
English 101
Writing assignment 1
Option 2
Life is Better by the Beach
“I thought San Diego must be Heaven on earth… it seemed to me the best spot for building a city I ever saw.” Everybody has their one place where they feel completely joyful; or in my opinion, they should at least. Some people find peace in the desert, others find peace in the snow or extreme cold, and some in the mountains, and some even find their happy place in the forest. All of the places that I just listed are very nice indeed, but there is one area in southern California that I believe is the happiest place to be in the United States. Now, everybody knows that beaches are pretty and a nice place to be, but one area on the southern coast of California is way better than all other cities on the beach. San Diego, California is known for its beautiful year round weather and laid-back vibes from the locals. With its white sand beaches, friendly locals, and beautiful weather; Pacific Beach in San Diego is an extremely joyful place to be.

At Pacific Beach the vast, white sand beach attracts many people from all over the world. Walking on this warm sand barefoot is like getting a little foot massage every time you take a step. Although you can barely feel the grain of the sand, it is not nearly enough to cause any discomfort. Pacific Beach at sunset looks like exactly like a scenic portrait that somebody painted of paradise. If the warm, white sand isn’t enough to make you want to stay, the friendly atmosphere of the other people enjoying the beach most certainly will. If you take a minute and watch other people, most everybody on this beautiful beach is laughing and smiling or too busy catching Frisbees, baseballs, or waves. Families come out and enjoy an afternoon under the sun while bonding with one another. Although the city of Pacific Beach itself is more geared towards a younger generation, I would say the beach itself is for many people of all...
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