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Individual Assignment- SG Cowen: New Recruits
Answer 1: SG Cowen conducts a rigorous and well-developed operation to make recruiting on potential candidates. The recruiting team uses a detailed process which comprises of 3 different stages which are core graduate school recruiting, informational interviews, Super Saturday events, screening of applicants and teams with captains. This process actually shows how rigorous they are in recruiting. They also seek team members instead of those who is good personally. It is important to consider the effectiveness of SG Cowen’s hiring process through measures of reliability and validity. Reliability refers to the consistency of candidate evaluation across both time and different interviewers. All good selection tools will have content validity: that the content of the selection method (for example, an interview or test) accurately represents the job content. SG Cowen’s high‐pressure, intense and highly interactive interviews are representative of the difficult situations the candidates would go through when actually working at the firm. In concluision,the selection process used by the firm is quite effective in predicting which candidates will get long‐term success at the firm and fit with the firm’s long‐term strategic focus. Answer 2: If I were a member of recruiting committee, I would choose Andy Sanchez as my first option. I have some reasons why I would choose him. Fistly, he is taking care of his siblings and working in his teaching school at the same time. Apart from that, he also does not let his grades down. ( He has not great GPA, but it’s good ) Secondly, he is fresh entrepreneur,which means that he has s spirit of adventure, he is goal-oriented, persistent,hardworking, energetic, and also self-confident. These all attributes make him my best option in recruiting. I am sure about that he will be very successful in the future as...
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