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Aeroflot – Russian Airlines, commonly known as Aeroflot. Aeroflor is the flag carrier and largest airline of the Russian Federation. The carrier operates domestic and international passenger services, mainly from its hub at Sheremetyevo International Airport. Aeroflot is one of the oldest airlines in the world, tracing its history back to 1923. During the Soviet era, Aeroflot was the Soviet national airline and the largest airline in the world.[4][5] Following the dissolution of the USSR, the carrier has been transformed from a state-run enterprise into a semi-privatised company which ranks amongst the most profitable in the world. The airline joined SkyTeam in April 2006, becoming the 10th member of the alliance.[6][9] JSC Aeroflot Russian Airlines is Russia’s civil aviation leader, serving flights to 95 locations in 48 countries, including 27 locations inside Russian , 42 in Europe, 4 in South America, 2 in Africa, 5 in the Middle East, 9 in Asia, and 6 in CIS countries (Azerbaijan, Armenia, Kirghizia, Ukraine and Uzbekistan). The airline has 4 affiliates in Russia (St. Petersburg, Sochi, Magadan and Krasnoyarsk). Priority is given to internal market development, primarily in Siberia and the Far East. Being the largest carrier in Russia, Aeroflot controls more than 45% of Russia’s regular international transport market and about 12.5% of the domestic transport market (about 20%, including affiliate companies). By 2015 Aeroflot plans to increase its share on Russia’a civil aviation transport market to 30-35%, and carry 10 million air travellers each year (about 12 million, including affiliate companies).

February 9, 1923, is considered the official birth date of Russian civil aviation, when the Labour and Defence Council issued a resolution entitled "On empowering the Central Air Fleet Administration to handle technical supervision over airlines and on founding the Civil Aviation Council.»

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Aeroflot has provided air transport services...
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