Topics: Exercise physiology, Aerobic exercise, Muscle Pages: 4 (1068 words) Published: February 27, 2007
A lot of people have heard the terms aerobics and anaerobic, but most people don't know what those terms mean. These two terms refer to the presence and absence of oxygen. Our bodies cells choose to get the energy that they need using oxygen to fuel metabolism. During an aerobic activity the muscle cells can contract repeatedly without fatigue. During anaerobics the muscle cell doesn't rely on oxygen to fuel the muscle contractions. It relies on its natural body chemicals. Aerobics is a low to moderate exercise that lasts longer than ninety seconds. Anaerobic is a medium to high intensity exercise that lasts no longer than two minutes.

Aerobic exercise tones you muscles which improves you overall blood circulation. It also helps improve you respiration system by strengthening your muscles that aid the

airflow. By doing aerobics on a regular basis it will strengthen your lungs and blood

system. It also increases your cardiovascular rate which helps the heart become

stronger. Aerobic exercises also reduces your risk of heart disease, vascular disease, and

diabetes. It also helps people who are trying to quit smoking by alleviating their cravings

and improving lung function. Regular aerobics like walking helps reduce the symptoms

of depression, stress, and anxiety. People who have high cholesterol and high blood pressure can reduce it by doing aerobic exercises.
Unlike aerobics, anaerobic exercises helps in strengthening muscles. By building

more muscle, you'll burn more fat and help protect your joints. By protecting your joints

it will keep you from getting any future injuries. There are two kinds of anaerobic

exercise: isotonic and isometrics. Isotonic uses your muscles to compress against an

object with movement, like strength training. Stronger muscles, stronger bones and

preventing injuries are just some of the benefits of isotonic exercises. Contracting your

muscles against...
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