Aerobic & Anaerobic Exercises Essay

Topics: Exercise, Muscle, Physical exercise Pages: 1 (347 words) Published: December 17, 2012
Since the beginning of time, humans have been required to work with their hands. Physical labor was a must for most cultures if they wanted to eat. Their daily life activities did not include in a set workout/exercise program to stay fit; their physical fitness was a byproduct of the hands on way of life. The 21st century society has become more technically understanding and therefore most people do nothing in the way of physical labor. Thus, if one wants to stay in shape, he or she must implement a daily exercise regimen. Exercise does the whole body good; our health, energy level and self-esteem. Our physical health can be greatly increased just by walking, using the stairs instead of the elevator, using the push mower instead of the riding mower, etc.” Medical studies have proven that the person who exercises daily lessen his or her chance of sustaining injuries such as pulled muscles, twisted ankles and even broken bones.” (2) Regular exercise strengthens our muscle and skeletal structures while also increasing our chances to perform better in different activities in life. People who maintain a consistent exercise program will be a more reliable employee to their company as they will not be out sick as much as the one who does not work-out regularly. They will save money as well because their visits to the doctor will be minimal as they are in great shape and will not require medical treatments as often then the person who is less active. “The immune system also directly benefits from a regular exercise program which naturally increases our energy level. The person, their employer, family and friends will benefit from this increased energy level.”(6) Someone who has a high energy level will be more productive at work enabling them to produce for their employer. Someone who exercises regularly and has a high energy level will be able to survive the long day at work and still be able to come home and be an active member of the family. A parent with a high....
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