Aeneid Book Notes

Topics: Aeneid, Trojan War, Aeneas Pages: 4 (1150 words) Published: September 2, 2010
After reading Book 1, you should know the following:
1. Identification of characters and places:
Aeneas, Achates, Ascanius, Iulus (Ilus), Dido, Sychaeus, Pygmalion •Juno, Neptune, Venus, Jupiter, Cupid
Carthage, Tyrians, Teucrians
2. Cite lines where Virgil specifically describes Augustus (twice) 3. Cite lines where Dido’s future is foreshadowed (twice) 4. Explain how the future is really the past
5. Explain why Virgil chose bees for extended simile
6. Explain why Venus is worried and her plan to remedy her worries 7. Explain why Virgil prefers the epithet “father Aeneas” (1.817, 977) in Book 1 8. Discuss differences seen between the folk epics and literary/art epic (See GQ3 – 1) 9. Identify epic conventions found (See GQ3-1)

As is necessary for an epic to be an epic, the story begins in medias res. Aeneas is almost at the end of his wanderings, trying to find this fated new land. Use these brief notes below to help guide yourself through the reading:

Lines 1 – 18Introduction
Lines 19 – 220Juno starts storm; Aeneas and men in storm; Neptune stops storm Lines 221 – 311Aeneas’ ships land; men eat; Aeneas calms fears Lines 312 – 417Venus appeals to Jupiter; Jupiter tells Aeneas’ future Lines 418 – 430Jupiter sends Mercury to prepare Dido for Aeneas’ arrival Lines 431 – 521Aeneas explores; Venus disguised tells history of Dido Lines 522 – 549Aeneas briefly tells his story

Lines 550 – 594Venus tells Aeneas other ships are safe; Aeneas scolds Venus;
Aeneas heads out for Carthage
Lines 595 – 697First view of Carthage; Aeneas views artwork depicting Trojan War Lines 698 – 790Introduction of Dido; Aeneas sees lost men; men ask Dido for help Lines 791 – 917Dido welcomes Trojans; Aeneas and Dido’s first conversation;

exchange of gifts
Lines 918 – 970Venus worried for Aeneas; puts plan in place Lines 971 – endBanquet; Ascanius (i.e., Cupid) does his job; Dido asks Aeneas to tell his story

Book 2

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