AEL Lesson Plan

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AEL Lesson Plan
Assessment 6A

Name of Activity: Tumbling Bridge of Domino

Eight colourful identical domino blocks,
Nine plain bridge blocks, each pair different size (from lower to higher) Direct Objectives
The child will refine his/hers monitor skills by placing dominos on the bridge blocks and ability in comprehension of height difference.

Independence- use of horme, the inner drive, to accomplish the task. They will become initiative in performing the task and faithful in achieving the final goal. Concentration- the child will control the movement of his/hers dominant hand in order to achieve the goal. The mind and body will be working in harmony. Importance of coordination of dominate hand. Possibilities of control of error. Social aspects and skills- Child will be able to share the activity and respect of taking turns of other children in activity. Order- child will develop cognitive structure for building and being perceptive towards various colours and sizes. The activity will help develop creative thinking.

Combination of indirect objectives will encourage the child’s self discipline. Vocabulary
The colours of the domino blocks can be discussed and different height of plain bridge blocks can be introduced. Stage
This activity can be adjusted according to child’s age and capability. It can be introduced in early age by using only colourful identical dominos. Also it can be upgraded to advance activity by adding bridge blocks with different height. This activity is adjustable towards needs and interest of child. Presentation

The teacher invites the child to accompany him to the shelf. Name the activity “Tumbling bridge of domino” and ask the child to carry the tray to the table. The teacher might show to child how to hold the tray correctly with both hands. The teacher asks a child where does s/he want to perform the task. Child can choose table or mat that I has to be placed on the floor. The...
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