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Problem solved---- SING, a play, school wide, competition, preparing 3 months, but on stage our lead After preparing for three months it was time to perform our masterpiece. SING 2012 was a school-wide student run theatre competition. It was finally our night to shine and we started our production strong, but right around intermission our lead got sick and could no longer perform. Everyone panicked because we didn’t have understudies. But as one of the student leaders of the team, I knew that I couldn’t let my team down and have all of our hard work go to waste. Immediately, I recalled noticing throughout practices that there was there a shy little freshman, Laura, who seemed to catch onto acting cues very quickly. She was the closest thing we had to an understudy and I knew she had it in her. She was a natural born performer held back by her shyness. I pulled Laura aside and explained to her how much we needed her, believed in her and how much she needed to believe in herself. Tweaking the script to account for the change in actress, the leads quickly ran through the change. The lights dimmed in the theater and everyone shuffled back to their seats or to their places, but I saw Laura starting to get cold feet. I quickly gave her another pep-talk and when the curtains opened, I crossed my fingers and nudged her out onto center stage. It wasn’t as seamless a transition that I hoped it would be, but it did save the show.

At my current minimum wage job, we don't get much if any benefits from our employeer. We we perform at a high level for a low pay. Every employee's story is different, their reason for staying, for leaving, for coming in the first place. It may not seem as much but at my job my team had become my family. In a frustrating sales position, every shift we go out of our way to help each other when we work to joke around and keep our attitudes light for the customers sake and our sake. But we also help each other out to fix little problems and reason

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