aegean civilization

Topics: Mycenaean Greece, Dorians, Doric Greek Pages: 1 (272 words) Published: October 3, 2013
Discuss two possible theories on how Aegean civilization perished. Natural Disaster
A fact that was attributed by some scholars. Many explanations attribute the fall of the Mycenaean civilization and the Bronze Age collapse to climatic or environmental catastrophe. Dorian Invasion

Dorian, any member of a major division of the ancient Greek people, distinguished by a well-marked dialect and by their subdivision. The Dorian people are traditionally acknowledged as the conquerors of the Peloponnese (in the period 1100–1000 bc).In Greek tradition, the Dorians were thought to have gained their name from Doris, a small district in central Greece. The palaces were destroyed by Dorians who had been in the Peloponnesus all along as a subservient lower class, (slave) and now were staging a revolution. Even if the Dorians, were one of the causes of the Bronze age collapse, there is evidence that they brought with them some new elements of culture. It seems that the Doric clans moved southward gradually over a number of years, and they devastated the territory, until they managed to establish themselves in the Mycenaean centres.It is possible that the Mycenaean world disintegrated through "feuding clans of the great royal families”. The possibility of some sort of internal struggle had long been under consideration. Chadwick, an English linguist and classical scholar, after following and critiquing the development of different views, in 1976 settled on a theory of his own: There was no Dorian invasion. Despite nearly 200 years of investigation the historicity of the Dorian invasion has never been established. The possibility of a real Dorian invasion remains open. What makes Aegean civilization different from Mesopotamia and Egypt?
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