Aed 222 Week 7 Checkpoint Iep

Topics: Teacher, Education, Psychology Pages: 1 (282 words) Published: August 22, 2013
Checkpoint: IEP
By Brandon Morgan
AED 222
Dr. Demetrius
Ms. Brown is Star’s special education teacher. While Ms. Brown constantly works with Star she reviews everything she is taught by other therapists and everything Star is taught in the classroom. With this method of instruction from Ms. Brown she in a sense is being taught the same thing twice over to try and insure that Star is learning what she needs to learn.

Star has a variety of therapists working with her. There is physical, language, and reading therapists working with her constantly. Her language therapist helps her with her verbal skills. Her Reading specialist works with not only her but other children like her. By having a group activity with other children Star can learn more and become further engaged with others. Her physical therapist helps her work on her motor skills so she can become stronger and more like an ordinary child. Since her hearing is not as good as others Star is learning sign language from another therapist for the hearing impaired.

Like other normal children Star spends time in the classroom every day. However there are two individuals with her to assist her in the classroom. One is an aid that at times will focus all of her attention on Star. The other is a translator who remains to be able to help both Ms. Brown and Star communicate with each other.

Finally there are the parents of Star who are involved with everything in Star’s educations. Even when she is away from the teachers and therapists her parents are there to support her. It is this final key that will help Star grow.
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