Aed 204 Religious Impact Matrix

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Appendix F
Impact Matrix Assignment
Directions: Assume that you are on the school board of your school district and you are tasked with the job of strategic planning for issues facing your district. Complete the matrix below to determine the potential response of each of the religious groups in your community. Use the attached links to research the basic moral and ethical principles believed by each group. Then determine how you believe each group will react to the issue based on what you find. Provide a brief justification for your answer. After completing the matrix, write a 300- to 500-word summary of the significant similarities and differences among the different religious groups.


|Prayer in School |Creationism v.
Evolution |Studying Women’s Rights in the Middle East |Saying the Pledge of Allegiance |Starting a Gay and Lesbian Support Group |Inter-Racial Dating | |COMMUNITY RELIGIOUS GROUPS |Pro/Con |Justify your answer |Pro/Con |Justify your answer |Pro/Con |Justify your answer |Pro/Con |Justify your answer |Pro/Con |Justify your answer |Pro/Con |Justify your answer | |Atheist |Con |The BBC website shows many atheists are “hostile” to any special treatment given to organized religion; they may find prayer in school to be offensive, as atheists tend to believe that a God is not a necessary belief. |Pro Evolution |Atheists would be pro-evolution, as evolution tends to use scientific evidence to justify its assumptions. From the BBC website, “Atheists say that far from God being a good explanation for the world, it’s God that now requires explaining.” They would most likely be uncomfortable with creationism, as it is based on Christian values. |Pro |Atheists stress the equality of male and female and would likely support the study of women’s rights in the Middle East. |Pro and Con |Atheists may not object to the pledge itself, but rather to the section that states “under God.” This is because Atheists don’t believe that belief in a God is necessary. |Pro |There are many different beliefs involved in Atheism. However, I haven’t found anything against homosexuality. I would think they would support starting a gay and lesbian support group. |Pro |There are many different beliefs in Atheism but I didn’t find anything negative about inter-racial dating. | |Buddhist |Pro |Buddhists worship by chanting and reading from religious texts and pray. They believe something called the “Four Noble Truths,” which are about suffering. A Buddhist may not object to pray in school as doing so might cause someone to suffer. |Con |Buddhists believe in reincarnation, so creationism and evolution don’t fall until their vision of the endless cycle of life. |Pro |As Buddhists believe that people should “avoid killing, or harming, and living thing” (BBC website), and they are pursuing enlightenment, they would view studying women’s rights in the Middle East as a way to enlightening and an easement of suffering. |Pro and Con |I didn’t find anything to indicate a Buddhist would be against saying the pledge of allegiance. According to the BBC website, Buddhists, do not believe in a “personal God… it is not centered on the relationship between humanity and God.” Therefore, the “under God” line of the pledge may not resonate well with some. |Pro and Con |According to Buddhists, finding enlightenment is by practicing morality, meditation and wisdom (BBC website). I did notice while reading, it was mentioned that “right behavior” and “unlawful sexual acts” would seem to be for each Buddhist to decide what is right and wrong. There are some who may or may not support this. |Pro |I didn’t find anything about inter-racial dating but I think based on my reading, Buddhists are very accepting of others. I...
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