Aed 200 Student Locker Searches Without Permission

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Student Locker Searches without Permission
AED 200
February 3, 2013
Maria Cuba

Student Locker Searches without Permission
Today across America there are drugs being sold at school, students have brought weapons to school. There have been too many school shootings and too many lives lost. It is the schools right to search any locker, student and any student property without a search warrant, but the school must have reasonable grounds for believing that a student is in possession of evidence of a violation of a law or school rule (Pearson Education, Inc, 2005, p. 227). This brings up questions about the Fourth Amendment which protects individuals from search without a court ordered warrant. This does pertain to schools and student but if the school has reasonable cause they may search the students’ property and it will be held in court. As a teacher, it is my responsibility to report any suspicious behavior or anything that I have heard to the Principal. From there the Principal will decide what course of action is going to take place. I have an obligation to my other students to keep them safe and this means turning a student in for acts that violate school rules or the law. If I had to conduct a search of one of my students I would do it while class was in session with another teacher present and the student. I do not think searching a locker when other students can witness will be good for anyone. This is an issue between the school and the student. I think it is the students’ right to be present for the search, so they know and see what they did or did not find, also to make sure that everything is put back and accounted for. There have been drugs brought to school, weapons, this is a place that is supposed to feel safe, an environment that is supposed to help support our students and help them grow up and educate them. If students do not feel safe their school work is going to suffer. If random searches are necessary...
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