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Student Fundraising

Student Fundraising
Every day in America’s schools, from elementary on to college, students engage in fund raising activities. Through activities such as selling everything from cookie dough to household goods, and sponsoring community events student and student organizations support a variety of worthy causes. These causes range from funding the school library to supporting local animal shelters. Even though some people may criticize schools fundraising as “gone too far”, but actually Student fundraising are beneficial to students/schools, communities, and the nation future. Although some claim that students would be safer and better served without fund raising activities, they only cite their annoyance with fund raising and an unfortunate tragedy as arguments against fund raising. While it is true that an 11-year-old New Jersey boy was murdered as he went door-to-door selling wrapping paper for a school fundraiser this alone does not constitute enough evidence that fund raising is bad and students and schools should abandon it or else risk murder for every student. Blaming fund raising for the murder of the student ignores the role that parents play in raising and guiding their children. It was not the school's fault that the child went soliciting door to door in a strange neighborhood. It was the parents’ responsibility to heed repeated school warnings and prevent their son from selling alone in a neighborhood to people he did not know. Schools have long broadcast the message against allowing children to sell alone and door to door. The child's parents should have known the whereabouts of their son on a Saturday afternoon and should have reviewed the rules of safe fund raising with him and made sure he understood them. Thus a few unfortunate and preventable incidents should not take away the opportunities of all, because student fund raising activities first and foremost benefit the students who engage in them. Some of the benefits of fund raising to students arise out of what students learn from their fund raising experiences. Many skills that students learn out of doing fundraiser can help them immensely in their future careers. Working with other students and the teachers to raise funds teaches them organization skills and responsibility. It also teaches them ethical money handling, cooperation skills, and teamwork. Other benefits come from what the money gained through fund raising and the activity itself provide for students and their families. Schools always need money for activities that are beneficial to the students, but maybe out of their range of school district budget can provide. For example, a school budget will most likely permit educational trips aboard or even within the United States. When students work hard at fundraisers to earn money for a trip aboard they will take the trip more seriously, because they worked so hard to be able go. A major benefit from fundraiser for a parent is that they could use this opportunity to bond with their child/children and be able to bring their families closer together, and become involved in the school dynamic. This largely overlooked benefit also could boost students’ self-esteem. The money students make from fund raising helps school districts save such vital school resource such as classroom materials and staff when financial challenges render states to be unable to finance them. For example, in 2004 the state of California reduced state aid to school districts, “the Santa Monica-Malibu district cut 4.5 million from its 70 million budget over the past three years” (Reid, 2004, para. 10). The schools that were able to make money through fund raising activities however were in far less distress than those who did not perform as well in fund raising activities. Additionally the money that students raise through music or PTA fundraisers make it possible for schools to own music instruments like hand-bells or hand-chimes;...

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