Aed/200 Contemporary Issues in American Education

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Educational Debate Persuasive Paper
AED/200 Contemporary Issues in American Education
June 6, 2010
Mr. Henry Bos

The debate that has been occurring for years is whether or not special needs students should either be included or excluded from exiting assessment testing for graduation. There are facts that show that these students should be exempt because the tests that are being used to not test the students true knowledge. The standardized tests are based on normal student knowledge on what was being taught and that their comprehension skills are normal. Special needs student should not be exempt from testing to graduate as this will give the student a higher level of self esteem.

The bureaucrats and politicians are directing on what students have to due to pass to each grade or to graduate. They are not taking into consideration the special needs student like student that have English as a second language. Bureaucrats and politicians have placed on school some unreasonable requirement that no child be left behind but they do not given the school districts the freedom to achieve this. Schools have to show improvements in such a short time frame that it places undue stress on the principles, teacher and students.

All special needs student need to be included in testing for advancement and graduation to make these students able to obtain jobs in the future. According to Hurren, B. L., Rutledge, M., & Garvin, A. B. (Feb 2006) the way to help these student the skills is assess the student during the year and determine what needs to be changed in the classroom. In this study a teacher Matt noticed that his student knew the information if he would read the question to them, but was unable to take a written test about the material. Matt noticed that testing anxiety is higher when the students were taking tradition and their knowledge of the subject would disappear. Matt decided to become creative and developed the team testing for the students...

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